Daemon Tools Lite

Daemon Tools Lite Version Free

A virtual emulator that will enable you to simultaneously manage up to 4 DVD drivers

An emulator is a component of hardware, software or both, which duplicates the functions and functionality of one system within another system. The imitated behavior quite accurately resembles the original system's behavior and is meant to replace it, much like politicians who imitate real people but don't have some of their hardware (brains, for an instance). If we were totally PC (politically correct) we wouldn’t have been such PC prodigies.
Anyway, Daemon Tools Lite is a virtual DVD-ROM. It emulates up to 4 DVD-ROM drives and is compatible with an extensive range of DVDs and CDs burners.
Instead of having an actual, physical DVD drive, this software program makes your PC believe that you do have one. This way, you can keep relevant files on your PC and use them as if you actually had a DVD drive. Take Notebooks for example, as they don’t usually have a DVD drive installed, this becomes a really efficient tool to use.
It supports many formats and allow you freedom of work.
Users come first